Thailand Representative Office

Provided that your representative office in Thailand is engaged in limited revenue generating activities, and provides representation of the head office outside of Thailand, through which the head office is enabled to engage directly with Thai businesses, you will be permitted to set up a foreign company for that purpose.

Setting up your Representative Office in Thailand

Representative Office in ThailandIf you have a business in your home country, you can set up a representative office in Thailand, which will give you some distinct advantages. Your Representative Office will not pay tax in Thailand, except for withholding tax in respect of your employees’ salaries, and if you are thinking to expand into Thailand, you can easily and at low cost check out all the details like offices, employees, sourcing, etc. in advance. If your business is involved in import and export, your Representative Office can monitor the quantity, quality and timely movement of goods, recommend alternative sourcing, etc., to the overseas office.

The activities of a Thai Representative Office are limited to the following:

  • Reporting to the head office on business conditions, movements and trends in Thailand
  • Sourcing local goods or services within Thailand for its head office
  • Circulating information about the new products and offices of its head office
  • Offering advice of all kinds related to the products directly sold to customers or distributors
  • Inspecting and controlling quality and quantity of goods procured by the head office

Required documents for Thailand Representative Office:

  • Foreign Business License
  • Company affidavit which includes company’s name, registration number, date of registration, address, and the jurisdiction under which the company is registered.
  • List of the company’s directors including their names, addresses, nationalities, ages, races, number of shares held, and information on which directors have the power to bind the company,
  • The company’s Articles of Incorporation or Memorandum of Association (copy),
  • The company’s Articles of Association (copy),
  • A report of the company’s capital, the number of shares along with the par value of each, and the amount of capital stock that has been paid up. Note that the amount of capital assigned to the Representative Office must be 5 million baht for a period of five years with 2 million baht allocated on the first year,
  • List of the company’s shareholders, their nationalities and number of shares that each holds,
  • Any documents/certificates/papers proving that the Representative Office’s manager will have sufficient power of attorney to run the company (if the manager is a foreign citizen then a copy of the manager’s passport must also be provided. If the manager is a citizen of Thailand, a copy of his or her national ID and household registration must be provided.

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