Pre-Nuptial Agreement (Prenup) in Thailand

The vast majority of couples hope that their marriage will usher in a lifetime of shared happiness, but the unfortunate reality is that so many marriages end in divorce. You would be wise to take precautions, prior to your marriage, to ensure that if your marriage fails at some future time, it will do so with the minimum of hostility (and cost).

prenuptial agreement in thailand

A prenuptial agreement, in the event of divorce, can be of great help in dividing the marital property. Not having a properly constructed prenuptial agreement almost invariably leads to unseemly squabbles about the division of property, and this often leads to hostility, with serious effects on any children born in the marriage.

Thailand Prenuptial Agreement

The Thailand prenuptial agreement or Thai prenup is a written contract made by two people who get married to each other. A Thai prenup will typically list all the properties (also debts, if any) of each person at the time of the marriage. It will specify the property rights of each person after marriage. A prenuptial agreement is also known as an “ante nuptial agreement” or “premarital agreement.”

Obtaining Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand

Thai Prenuptial Agreement is governed by the Thai Civil and Commercial Code. Before preparing their prenuptial agreement, foreigners should consult a registered Thai family lawyer, attorney or solicitor familiar with the laws in their home country and in Thailand.

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