Buying a House In Thailand

If you find yourself tempted to buy a house in Thailand, never ever do it without getting a competent, independent property lawyer to advise you at every step. He will know the ins and out of Thai property law, and he will guide you to using the law to your maximum advantage and peace of mind.

Buying House in Thailand

Buy Your House in Thailand

The real estate market in Thailand has been robust over a period of many years, and many foreigners are attracted to the idea of buying a nice, modern house in Thailand, with perhaps a bit of land and a pool attached, and still at a very reasonable cost. If you are planning to buy a property in Thailand, you should take the time to research various segments of Thailand real estate.

You must be aware of the problems that arise when it comes to buying a house in Thailand. Read through the real estate pitfalls in Thailand as part of your research, and ask the right questions to avoid costly litigation.

Having made up your mind to buy a house in Thailand, it is important that you:

  • choose a location carefully
  • ensure that you have guaranteed access to your land
  • ascertain if there is any major construction planned in the nearby areas
  • check for flooding issues
  • check for water and electrical access
  • check that there are no liens registered on the title deed or conditions from the previous sale, at the Land Office
  • ascertain that the land is fully legal
  • enquire about zoning laws or building restrictions.

This should all be done prior to implementing a lease or usufruct.

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