Are You Eligible to Seek a Divorce in Thailand?

Eligibility Divorce in Thailand, Thai Divorce Eligibility

So, you want a divorce in Thailand, huh? You might have had spent sleepless nights in the bed, contemplating your future. Of course, it is not an easy decision, especially when you have so many people to answer; your kids being the first one. But then, it is always better to come out of a bad marriage and start your life afresh. And as for your people, they might initially not support you, but when they find that you are happy, they will surely appreciate.

In fact, you will be stunned to know as how many people seek a divorce. Above all, you will be at awe knowing the causes. In 2004 as according to a report, the main causes were extra-marital affairs, family strains, mid-life crisis, workaholism, and addictions. Well, don’t think that I am being a flatterer, trying to motivate you to seek a divorce. Even if you are 0.99% doubtful whether to apply divorce in Thailand or not you should think hundred times. All I am saying that if you have already taken the decision and wondering if your case is valid to seek a divorce, this article can be helpful. Let’s take a look at the grounds that will qualify you for the application. Here’s the list;

  • Serving a three-year period of separation
  • Your spouse has deserted you for more than a year
  • Your partner has committed adultery
  • Your spouse is found guilty of misconduct
  • Your partner has a communicable and dangerous disease
  • Lack of support from your spouse
  • Your spouse has chosen another life partner
  • Your spouse has been suffering from insanity for three years now
  • Your spouse is an impotent

These are just a few examples. To know if your case is eligible to file a divorce contact our attorneys. They will let you know your eligibility and take care of all the legal nitty gritty.

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