Bring Your Thai Wife Home: K3 Visa Making It Easy

Taking your Thai spouse to the USA is no more that difficult with the K3 Visa. The application process is filed as a Spousal Petition in the United States (l-130). As soon as you file the petition you will be notified by the Service Centre. The process isn’t that complicated if you have already been through other legal procedures. As you have married a Thai it is likely that you have had gone through many such legal processes. In comparison to those, this is just nothing. End of the process when you see your wife with you will feel that every bureaucratic grinding was worthwhile.

Also, you will have to file an l-129F petition for the same. And this needs to be done with the Chicago Centre, who is responsible for sending the K3 Marriage Visa petition to the US Embassy situated in Bangkok. However, before you apply for the visa you must know if you are eligible.

The K3 Marriage Visa is introduced for the US citizens who want to bring their Thai wife back to his country. Typically, this is a non-immigrant visa that means that your wife won’t be a permanent US resident but still can apply for adjustment of the status once she arrives.

However, this type of visa does allow your wife to travel abroad. In fact, your wife can bring the kids along, provided she has also applied for the K4 visa. As for the processing time, it takes a longer than the K1 visa (fiancé) application.

K3 Visa for Thai Spouse, Spouse Visa for the US

Let’s come to the basic eligibility for seeking K3 visa;

  • You must be a US citizen and the spouse must be the beneficiary
  • There must be an immigration petition pending in your Thai wife’s name as a beneficiary with the USCIS
  • The marriage between you two must be valid that means that it should meet all the requirements in Thailand or jurisdiction under which you were married.

Once your wife obtains the K3 Visa, she will be able to travel to the US and will be permitted to live with you for only two years. Expectedly, during this time you will apply for adjustment of the status for your wife while becoming a permanent resident in the US legally. Our legal experts can handle all the works related to your Visa application. We will notify the right time to apply for other visas, including K4 and adjusting the status.

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