Buying a House in Thailand in 3 Simple Steps

buying house in Thailand

If you are looking for buying a house in Thailand, then this article might come to help;

Step #1 Finding the House

Real estate industry in Thailand is booming. When choosing a house you are going to have a tough time. Be prepared to be spoilt with choice. Do some researches before you choose one. Also, you must know about real estate pitfalls in the country. Ask questions until you get the right answers in order to avoid costly litigation.

Step #2 Setting up a Thai Company

As soon as you decide which house you will purchase, consult an attorney before you sign documents. According to Thailand’s law, a foreigner can own a house in a Thai registered company’s name instead of his. One of the most commonly used forms of business is a Thai limited company. However, for Americans, the US-Thai Amity Treaty is there to take advantage from. As for registration of the company, there are criteria that need to be fulfilled.

Step #3 Buy the House

When you have registered your limited company you can buy a house in Thailand. Ask your lawyer to do a title deed search before agreeing to the contract, so that later you don’t have to face any legal jeopardizes. There is also some cost of transfer for buying a condominium or any Thailand property. In order to know the fees payable, you should check the property transfer calculator. If you don’t have funds to support your purchase you can seek various finance options in Thailand.

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