Categories of Thai Business Visa that you should know about

In our past blogs, we have talked about how the government of the Kingdom of Thailand is working towards pulling in more and more foreigners to make investments and to set up new business ventures in their land. And, all through the past two decades, the influx of foreign investors in Thailand has been on a constant rise which demonstrates that the Thais are effectively accomplishing their objective of making it a place where economic opportunities are open to all apart from being a famous traveler’s goal.

As in each country where foreigners, who wish to work, direct business or undertake investment activities must apply for a visa – an official document allowing them consent to begin their venture, Thailand to require foreign investors and businessmen to get a valid Non-Immigrant Visa from the Royal Thai Embassies or from the consulate in your home country.

Thai Business Visa Category

But before you apply for a visa, you have to know about the different categories of Non-Immigrant visas that fall under the Business Visa.

  1. Category “B”- Business visa is intended for individuals who want to work legitimately in Thailand. On obtaining this type of visa, you get a work permit and a permission to open a financial account however despite everything you still have to do a visa run at regular intervals (90 days). This includes 3 types:
  • Working
  • Conducting Business
  • Teaching
  1. Category “B-A” – Business-approved (BA) visa is vital for an individual’s related organization where he/she will put resources into or lead the business. This type of visa grants the holder to stay for a year.
  1. Category “IB” Foreign nationals who are hired to work on investment projects (that benefit the economy of Thailand) under the protection of the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI) require this type of Investment and business (IB) visa. Projects like the following are included:
  • Increasing business
  • Encouraging innovation exchange to Thai nationals
  • Not thwarting existing residential organizations, etc.
  1. Category “ED” – This type of visa is required to be obtained by an individual who is interested in some kind of internship purpose i.e. for a person who wishes to study, attend the seminar or do job training in Thailand. The validity of this kind of visa is 3 months.
  1. Category “RS” – If an individual wishes to conduct a scientific research or training or teaching in a research institute, then he/she should apply for this type of visa.
  1. Category “EX” – To undertake skilled work or to work as an expert or specialist, an individual should apply for this type of visa.

Validity and fees of visa:

The visa you obtain is either –

  • Single-entry visas which will cost you 2000 Baht and are legitimate for three months. Your passport should have a validity of at least six months or more.
  • Multiple-entry visas which will cost you 5000 Baht and are legitimate for a year’s time. Here, your passport should have a validity of 18 months or more.
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