How to live life as a Foreigner in Thailand?

Foreigners get attracted to the beautiful country of Thailand that has beautiful landscapes, exotic beaches, cities with historical importance and national parks. This encourages them all the more to start living in Thailand. The friendly nature of Thais is extremely welcoming. It is also a country with a rich culture. The culture and traditions are mainly influenced by either Buddhist or Hindu religions. This is because Thailand shares a part of its history and mythology with other South Asian countries. But still, the country celebrates its unity in diversity. Thailand also has a number of festivals that are grandly celebrated all over the country.

How To Live Life as a Foreigner in Thailand

Thailand for foreigners

Expatriates come to Thailand in various ways, taking up various professions. By now, the community of foreigners in Thailand is a very diverse community including businessmen, retirees, executive managers, students, and teachers. A good number of 68 million people are living in Thailand with mostly people from four ethnic groups. But there are difficulties faced by foreigners in Thailand. Foreigners are attracted to Thailand because of its location and low cost of living that can be enjoyed along with a very pleasant climate. But those, who intend to settle down, are not allowed to buy or own land in Thailand. They can buy houses but that also has several legal limitations. Apart from the complication involved in property and real estate ownership, Visa regulations can sometimes be pretty inconvenient.

Standard of living in Thailand

Thailand is a country that offers cheap and affordable living when compared to most countries across the globe. Rent for houses and apartments are usually within the budget. Another thing very pocket-friendly about Thailand is its delicious food. Most expatriates prefer eating outside as it is cheaper than cooking at home. Most foreigners from the western countries find it heavenly to get good food at such nominal rates. As far as alcohol is concerned, local spirits and beer are cheap whereas wine is an expensive luxury.

Language spoken

Thai primary language spoken in Thailand is Thai. Apart from that, a few other languages from some of the neighbouring countries are also prevalent in Thailand, such as Malay, Chinese, Lao, etc. But thankfully, English is quite a well-known language in Thailand and a large number of people can speak English. Language becomes an issue when it comes to official and legal documents. Every official and legal document are written in Thai script. But for this, Thailand provides a large number of companies offering translation services. But still, it is advisable to learn speaking Thai if one plans to settle in the Kingdom.

Sports and leisure

Thailand also offers various sports arenas where foreigners can spend their leisure time. Thailand also has beautiful beach islands where foreigners can participate in various kinds of water sports. Also, most cities are not very far from these beaches. Hence, holiday destinations are always a few hours’ drive away.

Thailand offers a great deal of soulfulness and fulfillment to everyone who visits the country. Irrespective of the diverse culture and ethnicity, foreigners still find this country welcoming. Settling in Thailand doesn’t make foreigners feel away from home.

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