Power of Attorney in Thailand: 10 Facts you Must Know

The Power of Attorney is a tool that authorizes a person to act on someone else’s behalf.  The person who is giving out the authority is called the Principal or Grantor and the one who is been given the authority is called the Agent. In Thailand, the power of attorney is supplemented by few other documents that are required by the Thai authorities.


Power of attorney
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Here are few pointers that will help you to learn more about Power of Attorney in Thailand:

#1. In Thailand, there are two forms of Power of Attorney- one is the General Power of Attorney (GPA) and the other is Special Power of Attorney (SPA). The SPA has a limited scope when compared to the GPA.
#2. For land office transaction, if you are a seller r buyer of property and wish to authorize someone else to manage the transaction on your behalf then fill in and sign the power of attorney provided by the land office.
#3. The provincial government and the branch offices of the local land department in Thailand only accept the Thai script provided by the Land Department. These are the Tor Dor 21 for land and the Chor 21 for a condominium.
#4. These forms are to be accompanied by a certified copy of the Grantor’s citizen ID card or passport. Submit all these in the concerned Land office.
#5. While filling a Power of Attorney, ensure that you protect your interests as well as the interest of the other parties. For this, furnish all the required information in the POA.
#6. Make sure that you clearly specify the authorized act and also, mention the scope of the power that you are authorizing. If there are any special conditions, include those.
#7. Avoid any inconsistency in writing. Use a single handwriting and ink type while writing Power of Attorney. Do not use different typewriters.
#8. If you add, erase or change any specific number of words, then specify the number of words. Also, sign where each of those affected is.
#9. Do not sign any blank form. Also, have one or two witness sign that completed form.
#10. The Power of Attorney is valid up to a period of three months from the date it was signed. The validity also depends on the consideration of the officer in the Land office.

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