Starting a Business in Bangkok vs. Phuket? Know What to Invest In and Where?

starting a business in bangkok or phuket

Thinking of starting a business in Bangkok or Phuket? The country is full of options, especially cities like Bangkok and Phuket. The majority of the potential buyers wish to open their businesses here because of the availability of ample resources. Where Phuket is mostly preferred by the tourists, Bangkok is a business hub. You will see a hundred of companies coming up every year. However, prior to starting a company in Thailand, you must do sufficient research to know if your business will be suitable for that kind of environment. Let’s have a look at the options available in Phuket and Bangkok;

  • IT Company: Bangkok is available with all sorts of resources required to set up an IT company, whereas Phuket is not. In fact, being an industrial hub, it has the ideal infrastructure to start an IT company. Availability of office space is considerably reasonable than other cities in Thailand.
  • Spa Center: This type of business will be suitable for both Phuket and Bangkok. Phuket is a hub for travelers and foreigners in particular like Thai spa. They would pay anything for that. Be it a traveler or a businessman who wouldn’t like to enjoy a calming and soothing spa during the break.
  • Eateries: Typically, Thais like to eat out. I mean if you go and ask them they would prefer to eat out rather than cooking at home. Be it a fast food center or a restaurant, it will run great in both the cities.
  • Travel Agency: Phuket is an essential hub for travelers and therefore a great spot for setting up a travel agency. Of course, you can start any company in Bangkok and with good marketing strategies, you will see it succeeding. But a travel agency might not be that successful as it would be in Phuket, for obvious reasons.
  • Hotel Business: Travelers, be they globe trotters or businessmen, need good places to stay. And people who are traveling quite often, they mostly need average hotels. So, whether it is Phuket or Bangkok, it doesn’t matter as you will always find some clients.
  • Jewelry Shops: Phuket can be the ideal place to start a jewelry shop. With so many travelers flocking there every day and looking for some Thai jewelry, setting up such shops can be profitable.

If you are still confused between the cities and the type of business you should set-up, consider talking to our legal specialists. They will help you see the real situations and assist you to decide which business will be suitable, provided the resources you have.

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