Thai Dual Citizenship: Yay or Nay?

Well, this you will figure as you go through this article. All you need to do is be a patient reader. Thailand is, undoubtedly one of the most accommodating and friendly countries. Like this time the Thai government just nailed it by offering Thai citizenship to 80,000 stateless people. Woah! Who does that? 80,000 is a big number you see. Similarly, they are very encouraging when it comes to welcoming foreign investors. However, coming back to citizenship, the country supports Thai dual citizenship with American. For instance, if your wife is a Thai and you are a foreigner, but your baby is born in Thailand, then he can enjoy the facilities of dual citizenship until he turns 18.

The Thai hospital would report the birth as the Thai national in their certificate. Later you are required to report the issuance of the foreign passport alongside the birth at the Embassy in Thailand. Well, I won’t encourage this much though. You know what? If the Thai government finds out, your child may have to give away one. In fact, it might happen that you have to pay penalty. So, why bother? Anyway, what your minor child is going to do with the dual citizenship? Think wisely!

Thailand Dual Citizenship, Thai Dual Citizenship

So, what is the fuss about dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship holds importance for a number of reasons. Moreover, there is this sentiment attached when it comes to giving up the nationality of the country you once felt like being at home. But then, if the law says you might have to give away one along with the facilities it comes with like rights to pension, to own land and to vote etc. But then, why would you need that when your kid can keep it until 18 years only.

If you aren’t a Thai, then you can seek Thai citizenship for foreigners. And the procedure is quite easy. There are legal firms in Thailand who can simplify the legal procedure for you.

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  1. May 27, 2017

    I have two kids, both born in Thailand to me (German) and my Thai wife. They are now teenagers, and have both German and Thai passports, and have used both to travel extensively. They are attending an international high school in Thailand, but are planning to go to a university in Germany. They speak, read, write both languages fluently, and are also fluent in English.

    I think it would be very sad if they would be forced to give up one of the Citizenships. Both of my kids feel just as much Thai as they feel German. They have an extended Family in Thailand, as well as in Germany. It would be devastating for them having to choose one citizenship. I hope it will never come to that !

  2. May 28, 2017

    I am interested in Thai dual citizenship. I am 60 years and from India. Please let me know the procedure and oblige. And also want to know about 10 years visa for 50+ . Thanks

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