Things To Consider Before You Marry a Thai National

Do you have a Thai partner? Are you planning to tie the knot soon? Then start familiarizing yourself with the Thai customs and legal formalities. There are ground rules for every custom and legal process. You do not want to be stuck for days in paperwork. Prepare yourself beforehand so that nothing goes haywire at the last moment.

Are you unsure about the customs and traditions of Thai marriage ceremony? Worried about how to get your marriage registered? Here we have listed some important information for you to know before marrying your Thai partner:

A. Traditional Customs

Marry a Thai National
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The traditions might vary from place to place. People in rural places follow the old wedding traditions, while the urbanites follow only the essential ones. Go with the flow. Usually, these ceremonies are followed by every Thai wedding-

1. Paying Homage to Ancestor’s

This Buddhist ceremony takes place the night before your wedding where the bride and groom pay homage to the ancestors of the bride.

2. Merit Gift and Making Merit

This is an important part of any special ceremony in Thailand, especially marriage. You can invite Buddhist monks and give them gifts. Also, you can make merit by freeing any captive animal. Releasing a bird from the cage or a fish back to water will earn you respect.

3. Sinsod

This is the dowry that you need to pay your bride. You can pay cash, gold or material gift to the family of the bride.

4. Khan Mak Procession

The groom has to open symbolic gates that are protected by the gate guardians (the family members)

5. Sai Monkhon

The elders of the bride’s family bless the couple. The sai monkhon or white thread is made into a loop that connects the heads of the bride and groom.

6. Rod Nam Sang or Shell Ceremony

The family members put holy water in conch shells and pour over the folded hands of the bride and groom.

7. Phiti Bai Sri Su Kwan

The elders bless the bride and groom and say auspicious words to them.

8. Sai Sin

Relatives and well-wishers tie sai-sin or white thread around the wrist of the bride and groom.

B. Legal Formalities

1. Documents

If you are a foreign national, carry a copy of your passport and arrival card when registering for marriage. Do not forget to get an affidavit from your embassy. Affidavits should be translated into The Thai language. You can consult any translator approved by the Foreign Ministry.

2. Marriage Visa

Get a Thai marriage visa after you get married. It gives you a 1-year extension on your stay in Thailand.

Legal Formalities for Marriage in Thailand
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Knowledge of these customs and formalities will help you to earn respect from the bride’s family. They are going to appreciate your knowledge. For marrying a Thai national you need a Thai Marriage Visa. We can help you get that. Get in touch with us to learn more about it.

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