Foreign Business License In Thailand

If your business offers substantial benefits to Thai citizens, for example, by offering employment opportunities to a large number of  Thais, or significant opportunities at a high level, or the transfer of technology to Thais, or if your business is capable of offering valuable manufacturing or exporting activities which would be considered beneficial to the Thai economy, you may be able to secure a foreign business license, which permits majority foreign ownership.

Foreign Business License Thailand

License Application

An application should be filed with the Commercial Registration Department, which will be reviewed by the Cabinet or Foreign Business Committee. Different criteria are used to measure the impact of the proposed business operation, like the advantages and disadvantages to the country’s safety, security, economic and social development, size of enterprise, local employment etc. Approval of business license application is more likely when the authorities view the business as providing significantly more benefits and are going to protect and promote Thai interests.

Usually, the application process for a Thailand foreign business license is complex and time consuming. Foreign companies will require a minimum of four months to receive a decision on its application.

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